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T.O. Pride "Rock-A-Bye Music Fest 2004" Soundtrack CD

Dedicated in Loving Memory of Simon Enos Sr.

CD $14.99

Carl & Buddies "St. Frances Feast 2003" CD

12 Tunes

Recorded live at the 2003 St. Frances Feast in San Pedro, Arizona.

CD $14.99

Young Waila Musicians "Last Chance" CD

CD $14.99

T.O. Pride "Rock-A-Bye Music Fest 2004" DVD


T.O. Pride "Rock-A-Bye Music Fest 2004" DVD

Dedicated in Loving Memory of Simon Enos Sr.
T.O. Pride at Rock-A-Bye Music Fest 2004.

Manuel Osequeda Jr., Simon Enos Sr., Richard Felix Jr., Joe Montana, Maurice Osequeda, Manuel Osequeda III, Simon Enos Jr.

DVD $21.99

Polkas, Chotes, Cumbias, Wailas "Volume 2"
All Music By Verlene Eleando

1. Wild Horse Polka 2. Native Cumbia 3.Crossroads Polka 4. Thunder Cumbia 5. Fast Talker Polka 6. Kohatk Cumbia 7. Devil's Claw Cumbia 8. Flowing Wells Waila 9. Sunburst Waila 10. Snake Cumbia 11. CG Chote 12. Little Brother's Cumbia

CD $14.99

Lopez Band "Live in San Xavier, Vol. 1" CD
Recorded Dec. 2003 in San Xavier, Arizona
Dedicated in Loving Memory of Erik Lopez

1. Mission Polka 2. Prickly Pear Chote 3. Monster Cumbia 4. T.O.'s Waila 5. Tispy Chote 6. Al Chuckson Cumbia 7. Cowboy Waila 8. Grandpa's Chote 9. Spider Cumbia 10. Daniel's Waila 11. Familia Waila 12. Love Waila 13. Let's Dance Waila 14. Coyote Cumbia 15. Delicia's Waila

CD $14.99

Lopez Band "Live in San Xavier, Vol. 2" CD

1. Skinny Dog Waila 2. Shake It Cumbia 3. Phoenix Polka 4. San Xavier Cumbia 5. Jaden's Waila 6. Good Time Chote 7. Come Get Me Kua:Lia 8. LB Cumbia 9. Amigos Waila 10. Ed's Waila 11. Jammin' Cumbia 12. Devon's Chote

CD $14.99

Lopez Band "Live at San Xavier, Vol. 3" CD

1. Never On A Sunday Chote 2. Party Time Cumbia 3. Erik's Cumbia 4. Rosie's Waila 5. Jitterbug 6. Salvador's Cumbia 7. 007 Cumbia 8. Ghost Riders Waila 9. Lopez Style Cumbia

CD $14.99

Mario On Drums

The Marks Family dedicates this recording to
the memory of Mario Kyle Marks (1/14/83 - 3/4/02).
This live performance took place in Santa Rosa,
in the late 1990's. Mario was a member of the
Young Waila Musicians and Santa Rosa Band.

1. Joaquin Brothers Polka 2. Cumbia 3. Turkey In The Straw 4. Ramon 5. Chote 6. Waila 7. Mazurka 8. Mala 9. Cumbia 10. Drunkass 11. Chote 12. Classical Polka 13. Cumbia 14. Steve's Tune

CD $14.99

Red Feather Band "Rock-A-Bye Music Fest 2004"

The Rock-A-Bye Music Fest is an annual event held in
Casa Grande, Arizona, during O'odham Tash.
The purpose of the music fest is to show appreciation to the waila musicians
and fans. Red Feather Band was filmed during the
2004 Rock-A-Bye Music Fest
on February 14, 2004 at the Casa Grande Holiday Inn.

34 Minutes

CD $14.99