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Southern Fiddlers "Volume 1"
Chicken Scratch / Waila
The Southern Fiddlers are from the Gila River Indian Community and the Tohono O'odham Nation.
Band Members:  Clarence Thomas, Eddie Felix, Erwin Garcia, Ted Gonzalez, Ira Chavez.
15 Tunes - Approximately 60 Minutes

Southern Fiddlers "Volume 2"
Chicken Scratch / Waila
16 Tunes - Approximately 60 Minutes

T.O. Pride "Volume 1"
Chicken Scratch / Waila
T.O. Pride is from the Tohono O'odham Nation.
Band Members: Manuel Osequeda Jr., Maurice Osequeda, Richard Felix Sr., Richard Felix Jr., Dennis Lopez, Jose Pilone Sr., Special Guest: Virgil Molina Sr.
This cd features chicken scratch with vocals by Manuel Osequeda Jr.
14 Tunes:  Sunrise Waila, San Lucy Chote, Felix Cumbia, Joaquin Brothers Special, He:kew Chote, Big Bear's Cumbia, Greasewood Waila, Night in Hickiwan Chote, Raider Cumbia, Feeling Good Waila, T.O. Elderly Special, O'odham Cowboy Wapango, O'odham Girls Mambo #2, Every Beat of My Heart.

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He:kew Chote

T.O. Pride "Piast 2002"
Chicken Scratch / Waila
Band Members:  Manuel Osequeda Jr., Jose Pilone Sr., Maurice Osequeda, Dennis Lopez, Richard Felix Jr., Manuel Osequeda III., Richard Felix Sr.
15 Tunes:  Neto's (Waila), In Between (Chote), Hickiwan Nite (Cumbia), San Simon Style (Waila), O:kam Kuk (Chote), Cumbia Del Sol (Cumbia), J.K.'s Chote, Grandpa Vic's (Waila), Good Times Chote, I Wanna Dance (Cumbia), Blood Brother's Waila, V.J.'s Tune (K:waliya), O:la Ha:san Waila, Party Tonight Cumbia, My O'odham Girl (Oldie)

Tohono O'odham Veterans "Reflections, Past & Present"
Chicken Scratch / Waila
The T.O. Veterans are from the Tohono O'odham Nation.
Band Members:  Carl Conde, Richard Garcia, Alfred Gonzalez Sr., Homer Marks Sr., Ervin Lopez.
12 Tunes: Marine Corps Hymn (Waila), Itchy Scratchy (Chote), Solito Lindo (Waila), Mi Amor (Cumbia), Waynes World (Waila), Blast From The Past (Mazorka), Back Scratcher (Waila), Off The Road (Chote), Richard's Cumbia, Meleanos Waila, Never On A Sunday (Chote), Marine Corps Hymn.

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"Mi Amor Cumbia"

Tohono O'odham Veterans "Volume 2"
Chicken Scratch / Waila
Band Members:  Richard Garcia, Ervin Lopez, Alfred Gonzalez Sr., Homer Marks Sr., Mario Marks.
10 Tunes:  Bolero, Polka, Chote, First Waila, Mazurka, Second Waila, First Cumbia, Third Waila, Second Cumbia, Forth Waila.

Too Jazzy "Polkas, Chotes, Cumbias, Wailas"
Chicken Scratch / Waila
Verlene & Lincoln Eleando are from the Tohono O'odham Nation.
Band Members: Lincoln Eleando & Verlene Eleando.
10 Tunes:  Scary Tune Waila, Blood Brothers Cumbia, Ruben's Polka, V.J.'s Chote, Fito's Cumbia, Old Tune Chote, Jose's and Gomez Tune, At the Piast Cumbia, Yonics Cumbia, Too Jazzy Cumbia.

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"VJ's Chote"